IEA-PVPS Task 12
PV Environmental Health And Safety

Objectives and roadmap

The objectives this subtask addresses are the following :

  • Assist the development of collection infrastructure by examining and evaluating the collection infrastructure of other recyclables (e.g., electronics, liquid crystal displays)
  • Enhance the interaction among industry players so that they share information and resources for collection and recycling
  • Show the technical and cost feasibility of collection and recycling (to environmental-policy makers, e.g., WEEE, RoHS)
  • Identify common tasks where financial resources can be shared (e.g., separation of EVA from the module).


The activities to achieve the announced objectives are the next:

  • Define collection infrastructure paradigms that can be useful in PV module take programs in various countries.
  • Define the technical and economic feasibility of recycling manufacturing waste and spent PV modules
  • Investigate technologies for the recovery of valuable elements from PV modules