IEA-PVPS Task 12
PV Environmental Health And Safety

The Task 12 is divided into the following 4 Subtasks:

Subtask 1 Recycling of Manufacturing Waste and Spent Modules

This subtask addresses the following objectives:

  • Assist the development of collection infrastructure by examining and evaluating the collection infrastructure of other recyclables (e.g., electronics, liquid crystal displays)
  • Enhance the interaction among industry players so that they share information and resources for collection and recycling
  • Show the technical and cost feasibility of collection and recycling (to environmental-policy makers, e.g., WEEE, RoHS)
  • Identify common tasks where financial resources can be shared (e.g., separation of EVA from the module).

Subtask 2 Life Cycle Assessment

This subtask aims at the following targets:

  • Establish and demonstrate, with comprehensive and transparent studies over the full life cycle, that PV systems are environmentally friendly compared to other energy systems.
  • Show the improvement trends of the PV environmental profile by certain indicators (e.g., EPBT, GHG emissions, waste reduction, materials' recycling/recovery).
  • Continue showing such progress in annual updates over the course of Task 12 (5 years).
  • Valuate the environmental benefits of PV by showing avoided impacts or avoided "external" costs.

Subtask 3 EHS in Manufacturing Facilities

The main objectives within this subtask are:

  • Develop risk factors and compare with other energy technologies
  • Identify accident prevention and control options for specific technologies
  • Identify pollution control technologies for major types of PV manufacturing facilities
  • Identify prevention and control strategies for green-house gases (GHG) in PV manufacturing facilities

Subtask 4 EHS Information Dissemination

The methods and results obtained from subtasks 1-3 above will be communicated and disseminated by various target-oriented communication tools, such as:

  • Short and simple “fact sheets”, documented by peer-review publications
  • Reports summarizing the activities undertaken for accomplishing the objectives of the task and the task results
  • Presentations and peer-review publications