IEA-PVPS Task 12
PV Environmental Health And Safety

One of the core activities of this expert group is to enforce EHS aspects of PV manufacturing. Industry surveys are taking place in order to obtain a clear understanding of safety and provide recommendation on the use and handling of hazardous substances and materials.

EPIA’s has launched in 2009 a Sustainability Working Group which (chaired by Karsten Wambach, Sunicon and co-chaired by Marietta Grammenou, Heliosphera) works on environmental, health and safety (EHS) issues by combining the expertise from the different industry participants. This working group is already cooperating with the participants of Task 12; by providing industry data and assuring that the Task 12 activities are in line with the industry needs. Some of the fields in which EPIA's Sustainability Working Group will be working in collaboration with Task 12 participants from Subtask 3 are 'Fire risk at facilities' and 'Statistical evaluation of health/safety at facilities/installation/use' and for each a relevant subtask has been created.